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Nvidia Flagship Faceoff GeForce GTX 570s & 580s Open Fire (2)

Sparkle Calibre GTX580
Sparkle’s very proud of its take on Nvidia’s
GeForce GTX 580, and rightfully so. The
GeForce GTX580 Calibre is one of the most
massive graphics cards we’ve ever had our
hands on. The three-PWM-fan-equipped
Accelero Xtreme cooler strapped to the GTX
580 reference PCB is fully three slots thick,
and the copper heatpipe/aluminum fin
assembly extends another inch beyond the
PCB on the end and a quarter of an inch on
the top. Interestingly, Sparkle claims that
the cooler is capable of effectively cooling
up to 240 watts, but the reference
GTX 580 is a 244-watt graphics card.
Despite the discrepancy, we didn’t notice
any performance issues, and the card ran
plenty quiet for our tastes. If you plan to
SLI a pair of these, use flexible connectors
and a motherboard with widely separated
PCI-E slots.
Sparkle cranked the core and memory
clocks to 810MHz and 1,008MHz, respectively.
Bundled accessories include a
driver disc, 8-pin PCI-E power adapter,
DVI-to-VGA adapter, and HDMI cable.
As you can imagine, the GTX580 Calibre
outpaced the reference 580 by a decent
margin in all tests and was only bested by
the higher-clocked Zotac GTX 580 AMP!
card. With such an impressive cooler, we’d be
surprised if you couldn’t push the clocks even
further, which could help justify this card’s
equally impressive price.

Zotac GeForce GTX 580 AMP!

With GeForce GTX 580 AMP!, Zotac
argues that much can be accomplished
with even Nvidia’s reference PCB and the
stock cooler. And Zotac’s right: This card
may not look like much, but the company
managed to increase the core and memory
clocks more than Sparkle, to 815MHz and
1,025MHz, respectively. All other features,
save the fire-breathing dragon sticker,
mirror those of the reference design,
including the pair of DVI ports and mini
HDMI port on the backplane and the
6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E power connectors
on the top of the card.
Calibre GTX580
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Extras include 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E
power adapters, a mini HDMI-to-HDMI
adapter, and DVI-to-VGA adapter. The
580 AMP! also ships with Prince Of Persia:
The Forgotten Sands and the Zotac Boost
Premium software bundle, which includes
the Cooliris browser plug-in, XBMC, Kylo
browser for HTPCs, and CUDA-accelerated
demos of vReveal and Nero Vision Xtra.
In the benchmarks, Zotac’s card pushed
and shoved its way to the top of the heap,
thanks largely to superior core and memory
clocks. Although it’s priced significantly
higher than the stock card, Zotac’s impressive
overclock and bundled extras make it a
worthy option for gaming enthusiasts

GeForce GTX 580 AMP!
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Nvidia’s Enthusiast Lineup
Having gotten our hands on several
overclocked reference boards and even
a few overhauls from the PCB-up,
we can confidently assert that the
graphics cards based on the GF110
are a hardcore gamer’s delight. There’s
a wide price spectrum here, too, so
any serious gamer should be able to
find something that works with her
budget. The GTX 580 and 570 won’t
make you better at the games you play,
but with any of the above, you really
can’t lose.

System Specs: Processor: 3.33GHz Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition; Gigabyte X58-USB3; RAM: 6GB Patriot Sector 7;
Storage: 128GB Patriot Zephyr SSD; PSU: Antec TruePower Quattro 1200

Specs & Scores
                GeForce                  GeForce                                  GeForce                  GeForce                  GeForce                                                       
                GTX 570                  GTX 580                                  GTX570 Evga          GTX570 MSI            GTX 570 Palit                                                                          
Price        $399                        $499                                       $369.99                   $375                        $369.99

Core Clock
 732MHz                 772MHz                                   797MHz                   786MHz                   800MHz
Memory Clock
950MHz                   1,002MHz                                975MHz                   1,050MHz                1,000MHz
Memory Interface
320-bit                     384-bit                                     320-bit                     320-bit                    320-bit 
 1,280MB                  1,536MB                                  1,280MB                  1,280MB                  1,280MB                                                                                                                                                                 
3DMark 11 Extreme*
3DMark Overall
X1693                      X1962                                      X1822                      X1819                      X1829
Graphics Score
                1530                        1773                                        1650                        1646                        1656
Physics Score
8398                        8394                                        8364                        8412                       8425
Combined Score
1794                        2154                                        1927                        1939                        1942
Graphics Test 1
7.84                         8.98                                        8.46                         8.44                         8.49
Graphics Test 2
7.95                         9.2                                           8.59                         8.56                         8.63
Graphics Test 3
7.52                         8.8                                          8.06                         8.13                         8.07
Graphics Test 4                     
4.66                         5.41                                         5.03                         4.99                         5.05
Physics Test
 26.66                      26.65                                       26.55                       26.71                       26.75
Combined Test
8.35                         10.02                                       8.97                         9.02                         9.03

Unigine Heaven
Frames Per Second
30                            35.2                                         32.2                         32.3                         32.4
757                          887                                          811                          813                          817

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